You can import tasks from VersionOne using the versionone service name.

Additional Requirements

Install the following package using pip:

  • v1pysdk-unofficial

Example Service

Here’s an example of a VersionOne project:

service = versionone
versionone.base_uri =
versionone.usermame = somebody
versionone.password = hunter5

The above example is the minimum required to import issues from VersionOne. You can also feel free to use any of the configuration options described in Common Service Configuration Options or described in Service Features below.


This plugin does not infer a project name from any attribute of the version one Task or Story; it is recommended that you set the project name to use for imported tasks by either using the below Set a Global Project Name feature, or, if you require more flexibility, setting the project_template configuration option (see Field Templates).

Service Features

Restrict Task Imports to a Specific Timebox (Sprint)

You can restrict imported tasks to a specific Timebox (VersionOne’s internal generic name for a Sprint) – in this example named ‘Sprint 2014-09-22’ – by using the versionone.timebox_name option; for example:

versionone.timebox_name = Sprint 2014-09-22

Set a Global Project Name

By default, this importer does not set a project name on imported tasks. Although you can gain more flexibility by using Field Templates to generate a project name, if all you need is to set a predictable project name, you can use the versionone.project_name option; in this example, to add imported tasks to the project ‘important_project’:

versionone.project_name = important_project

Set the Timezone Used for Due Dates

You can configure the timezone used for setting your tasks’ due dates by setting the versionone.timezone option. By default, your local timezone will be used. For example:

versionone.timezone = America/Los_Angeles

Provided UDA Fields

Field Name Description Type
versiononetaskname Task Name Text (string)
versiononetaskoid Task Object ID Text (string)
versiononestoryoid Story Object ID Text (string)
versiononestoryname Story Name Text (string)
versiononetaskreference Task Reference Text (string)
versiononetaskdetailestimate Task Detail Estimate Text (string)
versiononetaskestimate Task Estimate Text (string)
versiononetaskdescrption Task Description Text (string)
versiononetasktodo Task To Do Text (string)
versiononestorydetailestimate Story Detail Estimate Text (string)
versiononestoryurl Story URL Text (string)
versiononetaskurl Task URL Text (string)
versiononestoryestimate Story Estimate Text (string)
versiononestorynumber Story Number Text (string)
versiononestorydescription Story Description Text (string)