ActiveCollab 4

You can import tasks from your activeCollab 4.x instance using the activecollab service name.

Additional Requirements

Install the following packages using pip:

  • pypandoc
  • pyac


Obtain your user ID and API url by logging in, clicking on your avatar on the lower left-hand of the page. When on that page, look at the URL. The number that appears after “/user/” is your user ID.

On the same page, go to Options and API Subscriptions. Generate a read-only API key and add that to your bugwarriorrc file.

Bugwarrior will gather tasks and subtasks returned from the my-tasks API call. Additional API calls will be made to gather comments associated with each task.


Use of the ActiveCollab service requires that the following additional python modules be installed.

Example Service

Here’s an example of an activecollab target. This is only valid for activeCollab 4.x and greater, see ActiveCollab 2 for activeCollab2.x.

service = activecollab
activecollab.url =
activecollab.key = your-api-key
activecollab.user_id = 15

The above example is the minimum required to import issues from ActiveCollab 4. You can also feel free to use any of the configuration options described in Common Service Configuration Options.

Provided UDA Fields

Field Name Description Type
acbody Body Text (string)
accreatedbyname Created By Name Text (string)
accreatedon Created On Date & Time
acid ID Text (string)
acname Name Text (string)
acpermalink Permalink Text (string)
acprojectid Project ID Text (string)
actaskid Task ID Text (string)
actype Task Type Text (string)
acestimatedtime Estimated Time Text (numeric)
actrackedtime Tracked Time Text (numeric)
acmilestone Milestone Text (string)