You can import code reviews from a Gerrit instance using the gerrit service name.

Example Service

Here’s an example of a gerrit project:

service = gerrit
gerrit.base_uri =
gerrit.username = your_username
gerrit.password = your_http_digest_password

The above example is the minimum required to import issues from Gerrit.

Note that the password is typically not your normal login password. Go to the “HTTP Password” section in your account settings to generate/retrieve this password.

You can also pass an optional gerrit.ssl_ca_path option which will use an alternative certificate authority to verify the connection.

You can also feel free to use any of the configuration options described in Common Service Configuration Options.

Provided UDA Fields

Field Name Description Type
gerritid Issue ID Text (string)
gerritsummary Summary Text (string)
gerriturl URL Text (string)

The Gerrit service provides a limited set of UDAs. If you have need for some other values not present here, please file a request (there’s lots of metadata in there that we could expose).