You can import tasks from your YouTrack instance using the youtrack service name.

Example Service

Here’s an example of a YouTrack target:

service = youtrack =
youtrack.login = turing
youtrack.password = 3n1Gm@

The above example is the minimum required to import issues from YouTrack. You can also feel free to use any of the configuration options described in Common Service Configuration Options or described in Service Features below.

Service Features

Customize the YouTrack Connection

The field is used to construct a URL for the YouTrack server. It defaults to a secure connection scheme (HTTPS) on the standard port (443).

To connect on a different port, set:

youtrack.port = 8443

If your YouTrack instance is only available over HTTP, set:

youtrack.use_https = False

If you want to ignore verifying the SSL certificate, set:

youtrack.verify_ssl = False

Specify the Query to Use for Gathering Issues

The default option selects unresolved issues assigned to the login user:

youtrack.query = for:me #Unresolved

Reference the YouTrack Search Query Grammar for additional examples.

Queries are capped at 100 max results by default, but may be adjusted to meet your needs:

youtrack.query_limit = 100

Import Issue Tags

The YouTrack issue tracker allows you to tag issues. To apply these tags in Taskwarrior, set:

youtrack.import_tags = True

If you would like to control how these tags are formatted, you can specify a template used for converting the YouTrack tag into a Taskwarrior tag.

For example, to prefix all incoming tags with the string ‘yt_’ (perhaps to differentiate them from any existing tags you might have), you could add the following configuration option:

youtrack.tag_template = yt_{{tag|lower}}

In addition to the context variable {{tag}}, you also have access to all fields on the Taskwarrior task if needed.


See Field Templates for more details regarding how templates are processed.

Provided UDA Fields

Field Name Description Type
youtrackissue PROJECT-ISSUE# Text (string)
youtracksummary Summary Text (string)
youtrackurl URL Text (string)
youtrackproject Project short name Text (string)
youtracknumber Project issue number Numeric