You can import tasks from your Trac instance using the trac service name.

Additional Dependencies

Install packages needed for Trac support with:

pip install bugwarrior[trac]

Example Service

Here’s an example of a Trac target:

service = trac
trac.base_uri =
trac.scheme = https
trac.project_template = moksha.{{traccomponent|lower}}

By default, this service uses the XML-RPC Trac plugin, which must be installed on the Trac instance. If this is not available, the service can use Trac’s built-in CSV support, but in this mode it cannot add annotations based on ticket comments. To enable this mode, add trac.no_xmlrpc = true.

If your trac instance requires authentication to perform the query, add:

trac.username = ralph
trac.password = OMG_LULZ

The above example is the minimum required to import issues from Trac. You can also feel free to use any of the configuration options described in Common Service Configuration Options.

Service Features

Provided UDA Fields

Field Name Description Type
tracnumber Number Text (string)
tracsummary Summary Text (string)
tracurl URL Text (string)
traccomponent Component Text (string)